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There are many groups and clubs that meet across the parish. These groups are open to welcoming anybody from within the parish who would be interested in getting involved. Some groups are more social, others more focused on prayer & spirituality, while others look to caring for those in particular need in the community.

For more about how you may wish to contribute your talents contact the Parish Office.

Liturgy Group

Bereavement Support Group -

Children's Liturgy

Pastoral Parish Council
Flower Arrangement
Cleaners & maintenance
Hall & Social
60's Plus Club

Discovery Group


Fr. Daniel Msugh Agber
Vicky Hummell
Teresa Poole
Barbara Ntow-Boahene
Margot Spooner
Maggie Hills
Charlotte McKenna
Angela Camilleri

Renee De Souza

We aim to respond to the needs of the Parish and as such our work is often dictated.


Greetings from Victoria Hummell, Chair of the Parish Pastoral Council (P.P.C.).

The Parish Council which meets regularly and works closely with  Fr.Daniel Agbar in sharing pastoral responsibility across our parish. We devise and support activities which bring our parish together and nurture a lively community spirit. Within the Council, we have a social committee who co-ordinate the social aspect of events. A number of members are also catechists and among other activities, are involved in preparation for First Holy Communion, the training of readers and extraordinary ministers of Holy Communion and children’s liturgy. Three of the members are also on the governing body of Christ the King, our local primary school. We are also, with the finance committee, concerned with the necessary task of fundraising for the parish and the wider community.  

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