Baptism is the official introduction and initiation into God’s Family and can often be referred to as the Gateway to a life with God and His Family.


It is a great and important day for both your family relatives and friends as well as the wider church family ,as we celebrate that you choose your child to be initiated into the Church. Of Jesus Christ and to begin their journey of faith and Jesus Christ welcomes them with open arms.


Parents have an important role to cultivate their child’s journey in faith hope and love similar to their own upbringing of faith and passing on the gift of Baptism which you can give to your child.


In this sacrament of Baptism it is the forgiveness of Original Sin and the opening of the gates of heaven for your child as well as joining a community who will welcome and support and encourage them.


There is no fixed fee for baptism, an offering is left to your discretion. There will also be a collection to cover the church expenses.


Please fill out the Baptism Form to arrange Baptism Preparation which is directly arranged with Fr. Pat Madden by appointment.


Please be assured of the prayers of our parish, for we are the family into which your child will be baptised: the family of God.